What is the price of the ticket?
Price for adults in private arrangements is 30 kuna. Read more about the tickets here.

What day is good to come?
We suggest working days a week for less crowding.

Do you work on Sundays and holidays?
The event takes place every day, including Sundays and evenings.

What in the case of rain and snow?
In case of rain and snow the Christmas story is still maintained. Any changes will be posted on our Facebook page.

Where to buy a ticket?
Tickets can be purchased at the box office upon arrival at the property. Read more about the tickets here.

How to avoid crowd?
Crowds can be avoided coming to the working days in a week.

Is there a catering offer?
Visitors have a special gastronomic offer of meals and drinks.

Can I have lunch / dinner on property?
There is a gastronomic offer on the property every day during the event.

How to get to the property?
How exactly can reach the property look here.

Are there any labels on how to get a property?
In Čazma at each crossroads there is a label CHRISTMAS STORY OF SALAJ FAMILY.

How is it easiest to come from Zagreb?
From Zagreb, take the highway towards Slavonski Brod, exit Ivanić Grad on the highway and continue towards Čazma (about 15 km).

Where is it possible to park?
In the immediate vicinity of the property (100m) there is parking, which is free of charge. In the case of exceptionally unfavorable weather conditions, the traffic will be redirected to the airport where the transport to the main entrance to the property is ensured.

How many Christmas lights?
This year we will not have a specially organized reception.

Will be organized New Year’s Eve?
This year we will not have a specially organized reception.

Is it accessible entrance to people with disabilities?
There is access for people with disabilities. Although there is no separate entrance, the access for people with disabilities is separately organized and provided by the security service.

Do I have to book a ticket?
There is no need to book a ticket.

Is there an organized transport from Zagreb?
There is a Christmas train, organized by HŽ. Read more here.

How’s the weather?
You can check the detailed weather forecast here.

When are fireworks?
Fireworks are every day, several times during the evening.