Easter story of Salaj Family

Salaj Family with a well-known Christmas story, has also been preparing Easter story for seven years.

Tradition tells us who we are and where we came from, so be part of us for a moment. Our Easter eggs decorated with thousands of colors, with dignitary light mark the past time and the time of new birth. Spring has arrived and its greenery welcomes you. This story with us talking bunny, chicken and egg.

If you wish colorfulness, play, theater performances under warm spring sunshine, come to us. Maybe you will get lucky and under a thousand plants find that egg just for yourself. Good luck in search.

The importance of Easter egg

Easter egg symbolizes the awakening of nature. Experience the beginning of spring, blooming of new life in our oasis on an area of 60 000 m2. You will experience the synergy of tradition and the green spring.


Beauty at all times of the year 

Whatever time of year you come, we offer you cultural and fun events according to your personal desires because our events are a link to our daily lives.

If you decide to walk, streams, paths, islands, forests and lawns guarantee a wonderful perspective on 60,000 square meters of diversity, where you among other encounter the mighty roar of the mill-wheel at the mill Salaj family, the deafening noise of the waterfall of the river Grabovica, lakes, bridges, 1200 trees and shrubs that hide many secrets.