Christmas train

We invite you this year to join us on the Christmas train to the Salaj Land and give yourself and children an unforgettable experience. The train will entertain us from 8 December until 06 January.

Ticket price:

Children: 85 kuna

Adults: 90 kuna

The price includes a train ticket, a bus to property, a entrance ticket to the property and a small gift for children.


Driving schedule:

Train schedule on Friday Train schedule on Saturday
Train Station Departure Return Departure Return
Zagreb GK 4.19pm 9.50pm 2.58pm 7.50pm
Ivanić Grad 15.05pm 9.02pm 3.38pm 7.08pm



For all information about “Tin-express” or transport of organized groups please send an inquiry to the email address: or contact by phone at +3851 4573 208.

Other information: