Christmas story of Salaj Family

The Salaj Family began to decorate their garden with Christmas lights sixteen years ago.

For years, with great effort and enthusiasm, it has become the most significant manifestation of the continental part of the Republic of Croatia. Many of the world’s media companies have recognized it as a unique event, and numerous reports and articles were recorded, which influenced the event to become important for the development of tourism and promotion of the Republic of Croatia. The state institutions, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts, the Croatian National Tourist Board, the Tourist Board of Bjelovar-Bilogora County and local communities have also recognized the importance and role of this project and in accordance with development plans they support and fund the activity and organization of every Christmas Story of Salaj family.

This year the Salaj Land is decorated with over 2, 5 million Christmas lights, arranged with special care and order in which each lamp shows all the effort and special story 16 years old.

Choose the Salaj Family

On property of Salaj family, it is customary to gather many happy people and to share the happiest moments of the year as a small gift. About the spirit of Christmas Story will be happy to tell anyone who has ever been.

And they, the Salaj’s, are looking forward to the countless details that create special experiences and they will open their hearts to you. When you live at the foot of this Moslavina hillside you are taught to the peace that can only disturbs the sounds of nature. It is nice and necessary for this property to become the world, but it is even more necessary for the world to come to Salaj’s because of that what exists only in us and in us. When you’ve been with Salaj’s, you have only one obligation – to love them.

The story the stars are watching

Only one glance is enough to make beautiful memories in childhood, and so much is needed that after many years the same memories come back. This glittering event is easy to find with web browser. But only the one who comes up will get the chance to find the child in it, and give your child the magic of a special Christmas story. Our animators will certainly help this to come true,  who will contribute to the special joy of our youngest visitors.

Millions of stars scattered everywhere as glittering powder from the magical magic sticks reveal happy faces while through the air flashing amusing cheer and laughter, smells of tea, wine and cakes. Symbiosis of the beloved people who return love where it came from – from the first steps in the creation of Christmas Story of Salaj Family. This is the story the stars are watching.

In search for excitement

Fire, light and heat always go together. The excitement generated when all together turns into fireworks.
If the scream of enthusiasm is not enough to glitter the lights glittering in the most beautiful colors, there are fireworks that you can enjoy every day during the Christmas season.

This same fireworks will give special glory to our skating rink where you and your loved ones can spend special moments of play and excitement.

Perhaps the way to the skating rink elves, sobs, coats, penguins, bees, or Santa Claus himself would like to photograph with you. Let the photos you make remind you of how you felt. With your feelings you have participated in creating each of our days. And so it’s worth discovering new.

Bite and sip

Lunch brings together family and friends and creates an atmosphere for a good mood.

The Salaj family lunch is traditionally marked by “Salajnica s čvarcima” from the finest meat. And after a tasty snack, you always have a good drink. Every honor for all wine wizards, but empty glasses we would have that had no Salaj’s wine. Mulled wine, black and white, are an essential part of the Advent offers. If you want to warm up with tea, you can always go to the warmth of the restaurant on our property and choose your favorite flavor.

After good refreshment, in our Advent Village you can find all sorts of things for yourself and your loved ones – the little ones that represent authenticity, dedication and special talent. You will recognize all this in handcrafts and various home-made products that will delight you with your choice and the small link of communication and attachment to people in a special Christmas atmosphere.