Basic information about Christmas story

This year’s, 16th Christmas story of Salaj Family opens its doors on December 1, 2017 and runs until January 14, 2018.

Working hours are daily from 15:00 to 21:00, including weekends and holidays.


Personal arrival:

Ticket price: 30,00 HRK per person

Children up to 7 years accompanied by adults: FREE

People with disabilities, residents, children and adults with special needs: FREE

Payment method:

  1. On the cash register in cash (you can get an R1 account)
  2. Accounting (at least one day in advance)

Organized arrival (groups of 30 and more people):

Note: The arrival of the group must be announced at least a week in advance!

Tourist agencies, tour operators etc.: 25,00 HRK per person

Note: in organized groups pay for children of all ages

Primary and Secondary Schools: 25,00 HRK per person

Associations and organizations of retirees: 25,00 HRK per person

Kindergardens: 20,00 HRK per person

Homes and associations of residents and disabled children and adults: FREE


Package “Christmas Story”:

The package includes an unlimited number of visits to the Salaj Land and use of the ice rink for the duration of the Christmas story.

Price: 200,00 HRK per person


Ice rink skating:

The skating cost is determined for 45 minutes of skating and the rental of skates is included in this price.

Price: 20.00 HRK per person